Our Church Praying Ministry

Our church is a praying church! No matter how big or how small, we know God hears each of our prayers and he cares for us! It would be a blessing for us to join our hearts with you to pray.

Please send us an email or write us if you would like us to pray for you, your family and friends.

Harvest Baptist Current Prayer Requests
Judy Hlavaty
Her Sister passed away on Thursday. Pray for family safe travel and comfort for family.
Bill Twitchell
In Hospital for Surgery
Diane Bushaw
Broke her elbow on a few hours into a camping trip - Needs patience and healing
Friend of Shelley and Marty
John, wife Kathy and 4 children - John is close to death - Pray for grace and comfort for the family.
Bob Stone
Home from hospital - 20% kidney function - doctors don't know what's wrong
Monica Hughes
Seisures and diabetes in Argentina - it takes weeks to see a doctors
Larry Leadbetter's sister
Dorothy has passed and was saved. Pray for Larry's other sister salvation
Sam & Loida's daugher
Jennifer has an irregular heart beat - Also Sam's friends need prayer for health concerns
Sam's truck engine blew
Repair is done and Sam thanks those who prayed - the cost was not as high as expected.
Prayer for all who travel
Journey mercies as we all travel on the AZ roads, more residents - more traffic
Rick Jordan
Injured hand while working in the yard. Pray for quick healing
Jim and Joan Graham
Had a collision on Sunday when driving home from church. They are fine, other driver helped.
Joan Metheny
Shoulder Surgery was successful
Ray Littlejohn
The loss of his wife Vera - Pray for strength - has hip and next pain
Leila Sherrill & Family
Pray for Family safe travel back to home state after the Memorial Service
Marksen Kimmerle
Appendix burst - adominal infection - must clear before surgery - healing - PRAISE infection almost gone
Young boy with cancer undergoing 5 weeks of radiation treatment
Tom Brown
PTSD concerns and calming needed - he is saved
Faye Almand
Chronic Back Pain - Also, Ed and Faye's youngest grandaughter, Patti, blockage has been removed and is recovering. She is now home.
Melinda Mathews
New Neuropathy treatments - PRAISE showing signs of improvement
Jon-Michael grandpa - Cat scratch became infected ungoing treatment
7 year old boy undergoing brain cancer treatment
Sam Hagadorn Jr.
Job needed
PRAISE: Cina's grandson - Has a job in Indianapolis working with children having learning concerns
Patty Leadbetter
Dry eye treatments - Healing from dry eye concerns
Bonnie Stone
Radiation treatments, swelling and recovery PRAISE; attended church 2-16 AM service
Larry Leadbetter
Knee replacement - healing and reduction of swelling and dimish pain and discomfort.


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