Garan and Anneliese Patrick, our missionaries to Nigeria.


  It all started with Randy’s Donuts! I saw a pretty college girl at my Pastor’s apartment one day who had decided to come help our church that semester. My natural response was to seek a quick conversation starter. My eyes searched the room, and happily lighted upon the box of donuts on the dining table. I proceeded to explain how, upon her mouth’s introduction to one of the world’s finest fried consumable delicacies, her life would never be the same. After reluctantly agreeing to try one, her “It’s okay” was a little underwhelming to say the least, but it led to further persuasion and conversation. Despite our slight differences, we soon hit it off and discovered our donut preference differential to be one of the few things we did not have in common. The biggest common denominator that we discovered was our heart for missions. (Continue to their Website for the rest of their story)

Important Dates and Other Info


June 16 th


Garan - May 25th

Anneliese - April 27th